Featured Artist - Kneebody

I had the amazing opportunity this past July to attend a week long workshop at SIM in Brooklyn with one of my all-time FAVORITE bands, Kneebody.  This is a group that combines aspects of jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, and pretty much anything else you could throw into the pot.  They are all extremely versatile, individualized, and continuously creative musicians that when their powers combine turn into one of the best musical groups around today.

The band members are:

  • Ben Wendel - Saxophone/Bassoon/Effects
  • Shane Endsley - Trumpet & Effects
  • Adam Benjamin - Rhodes/Piano/Effects
  • Kaveh Rastegar - Bass & Effects
  • Nate Wood - Drums & Symbols

The band's discography spans four albums with a 5th, their 3rd studio album, expected in Spring 2010:

The group also appears on two other albums:

You can expect to see a couple more videos of this band up here.  Feel free to click on the links to check out or buy any of the music listed here.  Stay tuned for more Kneebody news.