Joshua Redman - Slap Tongue Compilation

Joshua Redman - Birthday Song (Part II) Live

Joshua Redman - Tenor Sax, Organ, Effects

Sam Yahel - Keyboards

Jeff Ballard - Drums

The slap tongue portion of this video occurs at the very end, but it is GORGEOUS.  In some of the other videos it is not nearly as clean as this.

Joshua Redman - Slap Tongue Intro

Joshua Redman - "Hide & Seek" Slap Tongue Intro

This takes place at the Jazz Alley in Seattle on June 7th, 2007.  This is an amazing sample of Redman's ability to slap tongue.  It's also filmed at angle that you can see a little bit of how he's manipulating his mouth (except when the waitress gets in the way :-) ).