Shopping with Joshua Redman

While this article has absolutely no musical value, I thought this would be something funny to share with everyone.  Follow the link to read the full two page article by Eric Asimov.  Hint: there is mention of a personal Prada shopper.... :-)

STYLE | January 10, 1999 SHOPPING WITH: Joshua Redman; A Jazz Virtuoso Is Picky About the Details By ERIC ASIMOV AS Joshua Redman would be the first to tell you, he is a picky kind of fellow. Mr. Redman, the jazz saxophonist and band leader, was poring over shirts at the Prada store on Madison Avenue last Wednesday, looking for stagewear for his coming two-week tour of Japan. As his personal shopper at Prada, Ola Itani, brought in several dozen selections, each individually boxed with a clear plastic top, he zoomed in on defect after defect. The color was wrong on one, the collar too long on another, the shape on a third was too boxy and a single button on a fourth interrupted an otherwise clean line of Velcro closures.