Brian Blade Fellowship - Live @ Newport Audio

This is another installment of the live recordings NPR made at the Newport Jazz Festival 2009.  Not only is the Brian Blade Fellowship an amazing band with an incredible sound, it also features two phenomenal saxophonists Melvin Butler (Tenor) and Myron Walden (Alto Sax & Bass Clarinet).  The other members include Jon Cowherd on Piano and Chris Thomas on Bass.  Their set at Newport includes songs from the 2008 release "Season of Changes" ("Alpha and Omega" and "Season of Changes") along with two other unreleased compositions and a great version of "Let Your Light Shine" which is soothing, soulful, groovy, and enriching.  There are very few breaks in the music, so I've done the best I could with marking the time for each track. Set List (as best I can tell):

Hymn (I Love the Lord) 3:06 - 9:00

Migration 9:00 - 26:07

Alpha And Omega 26:44 - 35:11

Season of Changes 35:28 - 52:47

Let Your Light Shine : 53:07 - 1:02:23


Brian Blade - Drums

Myron Walden - Alto Saxophone & Bass Clarinet

Melvin Butler - Tenor Saxophone

Jon Cowherd - Piano & Keyboards

Chris Thomas - Acoustic Bass