The Bad Plus & Fashion?

Thought this was a neat, and somewhat odd, pairing. This is a video of a recent release of Isaac Mizrahi's ("The Fashion Show" on Bravo) Fall 2010 collection. Now why the heck am I talking about this on my blog? Excellent question internet land! Go through the exact same process I did: watch the video, roll your eyes, and all of a sudden listen to the music in the background... holy crap, you realize it's The Bad Plus playing live behind a runway walk. I guess music and fashion really are one world.......... (insert sarcastic scoff).

Here's the full show:

This video contains an interview with the band:

More Links:

Check out this link to Do The Math, mentioned a couple of time on this blog, about the band's schedule the day of the fashion show.

And, finally here's the original video from Isaac's site.  I think we can all thank Isaac for making a pretty cool choice in music.

Also, does anyone have any idea where you might be able to purchase the songs performed here, "One Thirty-Three", "High Waist Drifter", & "Really Good Attitude"?  If you track it down, leave a comment below (with great thanks in advance).