Transcription Page

Welcome to the Transcription page!  Transcriptions are listed alphabetically by first name.  Next to the artist name and song name are some different selections.  Bb, C, & Eb are the different keys that each transcription is in.  The "Score" selection shows each chorus of an artist's solo on a separate line so you can compare what the artist is doing over the same changes, but on different choruses.  I hope you enjoy these (and the ones to come).  If anyone has a transcription that they'd like to see up here, write the artist and song name in the comment box below.

Charlie Parker - "Au Privave": ScoreBb | C | Eb

Chet Baker - "But Not For Me": Score | Bb | C | Eb

Clifford Brown - "Blues Walk": Score | Bb | C | Eb

Lester Young - "Almost Like Being In Love": Score | Bb | C | Eb

Roy Hargrove - "Yardbird Suite":  ScoreBb | C | Eb