Artists' Set Ups

So, I was looking around for certain players' set-ups recently and was having to hunt more than I thought I should.  A lot of the more modern players' set-ups, unless they're endorsed by a particular mouthpiece or reed company, were really difficult to piece together.  Theo Wanne has an excellent set up chart on his website.  I took some of my information from that, some from hunting and pecking around SOTW and some other forums, and added a few of the younger guys that I was interested in learning about.  This is a chart of saxophonists' set ups broken down into instrument, horn, mouthpiece, reed, & ligature.  As you can probably tell, there are some artists missing.  But, I've tried to provide as much information on each artist as possible.  The list is organized to read reverse chronologically, where the most recent set up is first.  I also include their clarinet, flute, bass clarinet set ups as well where applicable.  If there's anyone you guys would like to know about that's not on the list already, leave me a comment and I'll try and fill them in as soon as I can. Click the thumbnail below for a larger version.