Clarinet Tone Exercises

I get questioned all the time by my students about how to get a better sound.  It's a great question and an important one at that.  However, the worst thing that can happen is if someone has never even asked themselves "how do I work on tone?"  If someone new to an instrument is using their ear when they play, really listening to themselves, they usually have a pretty good sound.  This allows them to do all sorts of new music, new concepts, extended range and techniques, even if their embouchure and air stream aren't perfect.  The flip side is when someone is fighting a 'bad' sound.  They'll find that it holds them back from doing so much more on their instrument. Tone work should usually start off your practice session.  It allows you to warm up, use air correctly before working on technical or musical aspects, and get mentally prepared for your practice session.  Here's a list of Clarinet tone exercises that I've picked up over the years and a Saxophone version will follow shortly (but, feel free to reference "Ramon Ricker Overtone Exercises" in the meantime).

PDF of Clarinet Tone Exercises