From the Source: Harvey Pittel & Joe Allard

My students have heard this before, but there's an old playbook being used when it comes to teaching saxophone tone.  It needs to die a slow, horrible death.  The 'even-pressured', 'draw-string', 'pull the lip' embouchure means well, but it's a terrible way to explain embouchure to students with no background in saxophone, let a lone music.

The author of the NEW playbook is a man by the name of Joe Allard.  You can look up more info about him on and just about every saxophone and woodwind blog there is, but I wanted to put together the best visual resources I've been able to find.


This is a video made by one of Allard's students.  I do have to say that there's an odd story behind this video.  The moderator, Ira, apparently wasn't a huge fan of Allard while taking lessons with him and stopped after a short period of time.  Joe later became afflicted with Alzheimer's and (for some reason), Ira returned to film this video.  It may explain some of the oddness in Joe's behavior and some of the frenetic conversation.  Harvey Pittel took with Joe for over 15 years and does a wonderful job of showcasing Allard's concepts in a 14-part series to follow.