I Can Do Something You Can't Do... (kind of)

I hate Apple.  Everyone that knows me, knows this.  Like with most things, I'm pretty vocal about it.  And so, I use a Surface Pro as my main device.  I use it as a tablet for gigging and rehearsing, for writing manuscript on Finale, for recording or live production with Ableton, for running live effects with Guitar Rig.  Yes, I do have an iPhone, but was rocking a Windows phone for as long as I could (seriously).  

Because it's been such a great machine that really covers everything I need, I've been a huge advocate of this line of equipment on this blog and to friends and colleagues.  I was at a rehearsal recently and a the trumpet player accidentally printed the wrong version of a chart.  It happens.  But, I was really easily able to do this:

With iOS 11 newly released, I understand that the iPad Pro can now do this too, buuuut, I've been able to do this since Windows 8 came out... years ago.  Oh, I can also "snap" windows left and right.  And, it's a full machine so I can run desktop apps.  And, I can use a pen (or my fingers) to mark things up.  Annnnd, it came with a kickstand and keyboard from the start.

Ugh... end of rant.

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