The "Lost" Donny McCaslin Album

Hey You! You like Donny McCaslin. Trust me, you do. You just don’t know it yet…

There’s an album that I think really exemplifies the sound that McCaslin was achieving with his now famous quartet of Mark Guiliana, Jason Lindner, and Tim Lefebvre. It’s called Fast Future. It came out right before his work with David Bowie and Blackstar, Bowie’s final record. I’m not sure what happened, I’m assuming some sort of distribution deal or representation change, that lead to this album being removed from Spotify, but, it’s sadly no longer available on the one streaming service to which I subscribe. While it may be on YouTube (discussed in another post), please go check it out and buy it on bandcamp.

The following is set to begin at one of my favorite songs of all time, “No Eyes”. PLEASE BUY THE RECORD.