New Tune - "Finally" Live

Well it's been a little while since you've heard some new music on this site... yes I blame: me. But, with my group doing a series of recording sessions today and in the coming weeks I thought I'd put a little teaser of the 6 completely new tunes that we'll be recording and posting here. This tune is very aptly named "Finally (I Can Dance This Thing Out)" as in, there's FINALLY some new music on here...

[wpaudio url=" Finally (I Can Dance This Thing Out) - Live.mp3" text="Finally (I Can Dance This Thing Out) - Live" dl="0"]

I will also be putting part of the session LIVE on UStream at 5 pm EST.

Check out this track and my other music on the Music Page under Media.

Joshua Redman Master Class

A buddy of mine gave me these a while back and I thought I'd share them with you guys.  Redman was in Atlanta a little while ago with his trio at Spivey Hall and HOLY CRAP was that a good concert!  Make sure to check out Josh's website and pick up a copy of his latest release, Compass.  There's also a new CD in the works with his James Farm Band which you can read about in this related post.  The sound is a little low in both Master Class recordings, but that's fairly normal.  The third is a recording of a live concert with Bill Stewart (drums), Larry Grenadier (bass), Taylor Eigsti (piano), and of course Joshua himself.  Happy listening and hope you enjoy! Joshua Redman Master Class 1

Joshua Redman Master Class 2

Joshua Redman in Concert