One of the fundamental ways that someone develops a good sound on their instrument is by listening to a bunch of artists that have good sounds.  I realized a while back that while I practice and teach Clarinet I did not have a simple 5 or 10 list of names that I could just shoot off if any of my students asked for recordings to check out.  So, I e-mailed one of my old Clarinet teachers, Andy Stevens, for a list just in case there were other doublers out there that were having the same issue.  Andy is the Bass Clarinetist for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Clarinet at University of Denver's Lamont School of Music, and I have him to thank for this list: The following are great artists for the Mozart and Weber Concertos

  • Harold Wright - Principal w/ the Boston Symphony (any old recordings)
  • Robert Marcellus - former Principal w/ the Cleveland Orchestra
  • Anthony Gigliotti - former Principal w/ the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra

Great artist for Weber & Mozart Concertos and the Concerto by John Corigliano:

  • Stanley Drucker - Recently retired Principal w/ New York Philharmonic

Contemporary Performers:

  • David Shifrin
  • Larry Combs
  • John Mannasey
  • Todd Levy
  • Charlie Neidich
  • Ricardo Morales

Good European Clarinetists

  • Karl Leister
  • Sabine Meyer
  • Guy DeLecluse
  • Gervase DePayer

My ALL-TIME favorite Clarinetist, introduced to me by Andy:

I'd like to add some Jazz Clarinetists to the list as well: