Effects Rig - Jeff Coffin

JeffCoffin - Effects01Unlike a lot of artists, Jeff Coffin actually has his effects listed on his website under the section titled "Gear".  But, I thought it wouldn't hurt to put it up and provide some links to some of the things he's using and talking about.


Effects Chain

  • PreSonus Blue Tube DP Pre Amp
  • Shure Wireless Unit - not sure which model.  However, DPA microphones claim that the DPA 4099S is compatible with almost any model wireless receiver.
  • Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron: The Q-Tron is an envelope filter.  This is how Jeff achieves the funk-laiden Wah effect. One thing I didn't see on the Q-Tron was a "sensitivity" or "response" knob.  What this does is affect the swell of the effect based on dynamic level.  What that means for horn players is that your articulation can control the tonal range of the pedal i.e. how drastic the "wah" sound.  This may just be an oversight on his website, but it's my understanding that most horn players (myself included) will opt for a pedal that reacts to your articulation rather than having a preset range.  While I haven't tried either of these pedals personally, Electro-Harmonix has a related pedal named the Q-Tron Plus with this option.
  • Eventide Eclipse: This is a rack mounted multi-effects processor and it's what Jeff uses for his harmonizer and assorted other effects.  This has around 100 preset effects and, due to the dual routing configurations, you can combine any two effects.  This is a really nice effects unit and in all my reading about people's rigs, Eventide is a great option for saxophonists and horn players in general.  This doesn't come without a price though.  These run around $2,000, so unless you already have an idea of the type of set up you like and the types of effects that you use, it would be difficult to go out and start with this unit.  If you're looking for a harmonizer that will play more than one note at a time, without selling a kidney, check out a Digitech HarmonyMan.  I was told when I bought mine that Digitech unfortunately discontinued them very recently.  However, it's still up on their website so keep your fingers crossed. Stay tuned as well, I should have a video up with some examples of what this pedal sounds like on Sax.
  • Rolls Midi Buddy Footswitch: Used to switch effects programs on the Eventide.

It looks like Jeff also uses a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modulator, which anyone who's worked with this will tell you is a GREAT pedal.  Keep in mind that Digitech has also come out with the DL4's competitor, the Digitech TimeBender, which (from my reading) is converting a lot of people from their Line6.