Bob Reynolds Lick

Ok, so let's talk about the amazing saxophonist that is Bob Reynolds.  Bob is a graduate of Berklee in Boston and has since played with heavy hitters both in the pop and jazz realm.  He's got a couple of great albums out that I would highly recommend.  And, his long awaited Stablemates forum has just debuted this week.  I'll keep you posted on what it's like.  In the meantime, I found one video of him playing with John Mayer that was EXTRA appealing.  Check this out first:

In the video, there's about 20 seconds of what you might expect.  Then, at 26", Bob lays out this jaw-dropping line.  I was transcribing it and thought that I'd share with everyone to see what they thought.  I've annotated what's going on theory wise.  Hope you like it and leave your comments down below.