Music Blogs

Aaron Parks Blog - not updated regularly, but Aaron throws some pretty cool posts up there every so often.  This is where I found out about described below. - this is a staple of the jazz community.  This has anything and everything, far too much for me to list in fact.  Definitely take advantage of the daily free mp3, check out the articles, and look at the CD release dates.  This site really helps you keep track of what's going on in the jazz world.  This is also related to at least one Podcast, The Jazz Session. - Site that is dedicated to jazz in Atlanta.

Bob Reynolds BlogLessons - Bob is a saxophonist that is fast becoming a household name.  He's just released his second of two albums as a leader, but has performed and recorded with such artists as John Mayer, Richard Bona, & Guy Sebastian to name only a few.  Make sure to sign up for his e-mail list and keep an eye out for the Stablemates forum currently in beta testing and expected to launch sometime... soon.

Casa Valdez Studios - GREAT jazz blog.  David Valdez really has some superb resources on this site.  He's been maintaining this blog for years and has provided excellent information.  From harmonic exercises, live bootlegs, new jazz language, reed prep, and master classes, David's blog is filled with great jazz gems.

Christian Howes Blog - This New York-based violinist shows an insight into the NYC music scene.  There's some heated debate on this site which is both eye-grabbing and informative, but overall I think you get a feel for Christian Howes and the daily workings of a NYC musician. - Not really a blog per say, but it's a great resource for music, equipment, flute competitions, etc.

Jaleel Shaw's Blog - This is a cool look into the life of a young, incredibly talented, and TOURING JAZZ saxophonist. Jaleel, along with being part of Roy Haynes' and Dave Holland's bands, and the Count Basie Big band, has his own group with the likes of Lage Lund, Aaron Parks, Aaron Goldberg, Joe Martin, Ben Williams, Otis Brown III, etc. So, yeah, this is a pretty cool blog. - Atlanta Jazz out the wahzoo.  Maintained by a local trumpet, their are excellent resources on here for what's going on in the Atlanta scene, jazz time, ear training, trumpet specific material, practice - Do you like Jazz? Do you like the Baritone saxophone?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then this site is for you.  This is one of my favorites.  JBS discusses anything and everything related to Bari sax.  Not only that, but this site points to some great resources on top of all the information provided on the site.

Jazz Corner - This is a site dedicated to, you guessed, just Jazz.  It has sections for all different types of people, arrangers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and a hefty forum.  It has another feature called their "Jukebox" which lists and plays all sorts of contemporary artists. - Jazz videos out the yin yang!

Jazz Video Guy - The JVG provides a series of phenomenal jazz performances, artist interviews, and master classes.  In addition there is a ton of them.  You can also take a look at his YouTube channel. - This is an organization started by some Joe Allard alum.  They talk about their experiences, Joe's teaching methods, and even Joe as a person.  There's lots of helpful info in getting insights into Joe Allard's methods on tone production and practicing. - Just recently found this.  It's an

interesting take on your usual music blog.  They work with featured artists, keep you up to date on their projects, give you insights into their development.  I know, I know, that sounds pretty usual, BUT, you have to see the artists that they feature.  There are some of the best known on there, but the majority are somewhat unknown outside of the New York scene (at least that's my take).  The people they name, big or small, are ALL some of the baddest musicians around.  CHECK IT OUT!

Pat Neaude Blog - A little difficult to get a sense of all the resources on this blog, but dig through chronologically and you find that Pat has some cool posts.  Saxophonist, radio announcer, resident of Albany.

Rico Reeds Blog - Written by woodwind player (saxophonist :-)) Tim Price, Tim offers up a myriad of information on tone, career knowledge, practice habits, and a host of other topics.  He takes you through step-by-step and is incredibly active on the blog-o-sphere.

SOTW - Sax On The Web Forum.  Everything Saxophone from here to kingdom come. - I've got a couple of interviews from this site on my blog already, but they've got some great interviews from a myriad of artists, jazz and otherwise.

Urge2Burge - This site is filled with many, many live recordings.  There's stuff there for one and all. - This forum is a little confusing to navigate at first, but is a great resource for all woodwind players, but especially doublers.  The community is very welcoming and so far, unlike a lot of blogs, is filled mostly with people that are working to keep it that way.  Enjoy!