2016-2017 District Honor & All-State Results

With the end of the school year upon us, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate all my students on their hard work and determination this year.  I'm always surprised by their drive, humility, and capacity for the possible.  Everyone did a phenomenal job this year and I'm very proud of each and every one of them.  I've had to watch a few "baby birds" go off into the world the past couple years, but I'm truly fulfilled knowing that music, in whatever capacity they choose, will always bring them joy. 

While certainly not an adequate accounting of the number of battles hard fought and won or hurdles overcome, I want to recognize some of my students that made the District Honor Bands and All-State Band:

Middle School District Honor Band:

  • Josh Murzello - 2nd Chair District 13
  • Val Sorto - 4th Chair District 13
  • Gregory Prozoirovysky - 2nd Chair District
  • Maura Nolan - 1st Chair District 13

High School District Honor Band:

  • Chase Fiveash - 1st Chair District 13
  • Rahil Budhwani - 3rd Chair District 13
  • Eric Eldridge - 6th Chair District 13
  • Andrew Lewis - 4th Chair District 13
  • Nate Murzello - 2nd Chair District 13
  • Tito Tomei - 1st Chair District 13
  • Hannah Wetzel - 5th Chair District 13
  • Mason Hill - District 13
  • Connor McCary - 1st Chair District

All-State 2017 Results:

  • Tito Tomei - 1st Chair Bair 11/12, District 13
  • Maura Nolan - 1st Alternate 6-8, District 13
  • Connor McCary - 1st Chair Clarinet